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What We Do

Give to Riley Hospital

As most of you know, Alaina spent nearly 7 months on the 5th floor of Riley Hospital during her battle with Neuroblastoma. She loved making others smile. She loved dancing and waving as she passed everyone in the hallways. She loved to spread love to everyone she came in contact with…..and ADMF wants to continue. Each year, ADMF visits Riley Hospital and donates many things in Alaina’s honor…..items that Alaina used to help her through her long and difficult stays…..items that are needed most……items that will help other children smile. Whether it be a monetary donation, shoes, toys, books, etc., we try to fulfill the biggest need. We want to help other children and families battling cancer in whatever way we can!

Present Scholarships to WCHS Grads

Each year we present Whiteland Community High School seniors, interested in medicine or nursing, with scholarships to help them as they begin their college careers. So far ADMF has been able to present $35,000 in scholarships to deserving students! Alaina developed such a special bond with her medical team during her battle, and ADMF would like to help students pursuing these fields in hopes of them finding that amazing bond with their patients.

Help other children and families battling cancer

One of the greatest honors we like to do as a foundation is to help other children and families
battling cancer, as we know all too well what it is like for your world to be turned upside down. We received so much support during Alaina’s battle with cancer and we want to do the same for others in Alaina’s honor. We have financially helped children and families battling childhood cancer from various states. We have been able to help with with bills, travel expenses, and even give them things that mean the most to them. We know Alaina would be so proud of this part of our foundation as she ALWAYS wanted to help others and make others smile. We hope to help more families and children each year!