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How Can You Help?

The Alaina Day Memorial Foundation is a 501C-3 Non Profit organization, all contributions are Tax Deductible. When you donate to the Alaina Day Memorial, 100% of the proceeds go straight to the cause. The Foundation Directors and anyone else involved with the Foundation do not take any salary or payments for their time, and in all cases, have put forward their own donations to get the foundation up and running.

One of the greatest honors we like to do as a foundation is to help other children and families battling cancer, as we know all too well what it is like for your world to be turned upside down.  We received so much support during Alaina’s battle with cancer and we want to do the same for others in Alaina’s honor.

We hope to help as many children and families battling cancer as we can and we need your help with this!  If you know of a child or family battling cancer, please contact us with their information and biggest need…….and we will try to fulfill it if possible.  Please fill out the form to nominate someone.   We know Alaina would be so proud of this part of our foundation as she ALWAYS wanted to help others and make others smile.

We now have our OWN donation account with Riley Hospital to help children and families battling childhood cancer.  Donations can be made straight to this ADMF account and we can determine how the funds are used, where they go, and who they help!